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Turpol Hotel & Restaurant is one of the largest tourism facilities in Turkey, established on an area of 90,000 m2, on the shores of Lake Hazar, the pearl of Elazig. Turpol Facilities include a hotel, winter and summer restaurant, sports fields, amphitheater and wedding hall.


Accommodation and breakfast in Turpol

Turpol offers excellent opportunities to spend time with your loved ones.

Whether it's a weekend breakfast against a perfect view or a holiday that will relax your soul.

The right address for a wonderful and relaxing holiday and dining experience is Turpol Facilities in Elazig. Turpol Restaurant & Hotel , which has never broken its line since its establishment, continues to do its job with the same determination and passion every day to provide you with high quality service.

Turpol Restaurant offers great venues for Group Meals and different collective organizations. Please click here for more detailed information.

Kalite Sayı Tanımaz, Her Misafirimiz bizim için Özel!

Aynı anda üç düğün ve 5000 kişiye kadar ağırlama kapasitemizle Turpol grup etkinlikleri için hizmetinizde. Kurulduğu günden beri kaliteden ödün vermeyen hizmet anlayışıyla Turizm'de bölgesel bir marka olan Turpol yıllardır sizlere en mutlu ve özel günlerinizde kaliteli hizmet sunabilmenin gururunu ve kıvancını taşıyor. 


Düğün ve nişan etkinlikleri

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İş yemekleri ve toplantılar

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Diğer grup etkinlikleri

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 Tel. 0424 425 11 00

Wedding Tent

Guest Reviews

Eyup Y. , Google Reviews

The location is very good, right next to the road... The rooms are clean... The staff is concerned... The breakfast is good.. The lake water seems cleaner than the other shores.. The landscaping is in the holiday village mode, there were too many construction-like wastes on the left and right. I think it would be better if it was cleaned. Of course, the price will be high or suitable for people, but I have to say that it is appropriate considering the location and cleaning standards of the service provided.

Melissa O. , Google Reviews

We stayed 2 nights as a couple. The beach is very calm, near the hotel. Morning breakfasts are varied, and included in the price. The facility is clean, there are fruit trees on every corner, you can pick and eat fruit as you wish. We ate dinner in the hotel restaurant both nights. The appetizers are generally good, I would definitely say try grilled trout and roasted yoghurt. There was live music on both nights. Overall an enjoyable place. I advise.

Caner D., Google Reviews

The food is fresh and delicious, the staff is very professional and gets feedback. The place and its nature are already wonderful, even during the pandemic period, it offers healthy environment options in a safe way. Prices are average, not expensive, you can't get this quality cheaper anyway. It is a place that can be unique in that location, with a little overhaul as a building.

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