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Event planning

Turpol is planning each event into its very details. Any event is unique, because of its guests, topic and other factors. Turpol has more than 10 different places to host your event. Winter or summer, rainy or shiny, we cover all seasons and prepare everything for each event. We have a long history of happy guests for business related events, birthday parties or any other event for which you need a good organized team, a clean place and happy attendees.  We stay always in touch with the organizer and give the utmost care, so that each guest is happy and all needs are taken care of. ​


Turpol Resort is famous for organizing great weddings. Turpol hosted thousands of wedding events since its very inception. Turpol has a wedding salon that can host up-to 1200 guests for weddings in summers. Our saloon is decorated with ancient greek style doric columns that surround the guests in an elliptic style.

Turpol offers a variety of dishes for weddings that you can choose from. Turpol offers variety of soups, appetizers, salads, main courses, fruits as well as deserts. We advise you to consult our organizers before deciding what to serve to your guests.

Please contact us at least 3 months before your wedding event for us to organize for you an unforgettable wedding.

Reunion etkinlikleri

Turpol Restaurant is known as a place for reunion of friends and family. Thousands of locals have childhood memories in Turpol, met their wives or made new friends at Turpol. That is why, thousands of people each year meet with their friends at Turpol and share a great dining experience while enjoying the sunset or moon rise.

Please check menus below or suggest a different dish for your reunion!

Business related events

Turpol is a great place to host your customers, suppliers or employees and showcase the beauties of your hometown. Turpol gives great attention to every detail of your event and makes sure that your guests can see a portion of your food culture. 

Turpol offers a great variety of local food for your guests from other cities as well as international guests. You can also preorder a special meal such as lamb or ribs filled with rice and cooked in stone oven.  Please check our menu for special dishes. We kindly ask you to inform us at least 3 days before your event for us to prepare you an unforgettable business event. 

Daily tours

Turpol aims to contribute to the cultural tourism with daily tours in the region since its first years of activity. Turpol organizes different tours for groups from Turkey and abroad.


These tours are organized from Elazığ to neighboring provinces within the framework of the plan determined by Turpol's buses.


Upon request, guides who know the history, geography and culture of the region well and explain them to the participants are assigned to these tours.

If you want to learn about the culture of the region in a fun style, contact us.

Birthday parties

Please contact us to have fun with your friends at Turpol Night Club and to share a great dance and music experience with them.


We ask you to inform us at least 14 days before your event so that we can prepare you an unforgettable birthday.

Wedding venue

Every love story is beautiful, but yours should be unique!

Turpol should be your choice for unforgettable events, perfect memories and an event that will be talked about for years!

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Restaurant events

Exclusive events, priceless memories

Turpol should be your choice for unforgettable events, perfect memories and an event that will be talked about for years!

Prairie wedding hall

We build your dreams around you!

Turpol should be your choice for unforgettable events, perfect memories and an event that will be talked about for years!

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