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Art at Turpol

The presented works at Turpol are created by Mehmet Polat, owner of Turpol Resort. Mehmet Polat generally uses two different techniques in his works. Marquetry; It is a technique of gluing thin wood veneers by cutting. Examples of this technique are Guernica and Dancing girls from Picasso. The marquetry technique coincides with the early period in Mehmet Polat's art life. Bezquvi (mountain goat), lion head man, and sunny gate are works of the past 20 years. These are the works produced with mosaic technique in wood, which is a new technique created by Mehmet Polat. The technique of mosaic made of wood is based on the principle of combining different trees in mosaic style, based on the expansion and contraction movements of different types of trees in different directions according to the seasons. These works are created by combining thousands of pieces and are the only works produced by this method in the world.


Original: Guernica by Picasso


Original: Dancing women by Picasso


No name given




Table made from poplar tree

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